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favorite geo

Love this place would recommend 10/10 brought from here multiple times!

Wanderer <3

This is my second order and l loved it. My account came with wanderer , keqing and other 4 star characters it is so good !!!
This is a site you can trust and shop. I hope you win your. 50/50 🤞

Got all the characters as shown

I was looking to buy an account a few days ago, then stumbled upon this website. I saw a few custom accounts .found the one that I liked. Paid for it, got The account in a few hours.
.There was a misunderstanding on my end They Helped solve it )
got all the characters I wanted to have. Better than losing your 50/50
I’m super happy . Hope to receive the same support in the future.
Thanks Guys .

happy but not! (pls read!!)

soo i bought an acc like 2hrs ago the second option btw and if u can see it says 23k primos and atleast 10 purple wishes however i only received 21,612 primos BUT i have 32 purple wishes wich yeah im happy abt but its happened the last time i bought it too i remember that theres always like 1k primos under which yes isnt a lot but like stil?? anyway in rlly happy about the account but im not so happy abt doing all of sumeru and fontaine archon quests for like the 4th time.. every acc ive bought they always stop at sumeru which annoys me cos it’s literally the longest archon quest and it takes AGES anyway(for the 3rd time LMAO) im rlly happy abt the account they can be trusted if your worried ive bought 3 accounts now (2 gi 1 hsr) and theyve all been absolutely brilliant!!

This was so goooddd

I really liked this account I’m love that the 4-star characters are one that I like too

Great buy

I wrote a review earlier but didn’t add a picture. Here it is

the account was delivered just seconds after the purchase was made. everything is perfect. i highly recommend!!

Very Great service

Loved the service 🔥 Dehya is God. But got Diluc and clorinde so I'm not complaining

What You Get For The Price

I'm pleased with my purchase. This account is just what I need to be able to build a solid account for dungeon runs with my children. This is what you'll get for the amount of money.

account as described + a small bonus <3


That exactly what I wanted, I even got the new character Clorinde!

second purchase, amzing!

it's only my second purchase and i was right to buy, everything on the offer was in the account!

Keqing Starter Account
Pierre Bolden
Amazing account

Loved it I pulled so many five stars

It’s a Need and A guaranteed

If you want accounts to get your guaranteed 5 star, then this is the right place. The service is great and the accounts arrive fast. You get the 5 star you wanted, and have the primos to not lose your 50/50.
Would buy from again.

Wrong Account??

I purchased the Raiden + Nahida + Zhongli package but I got Neuvilette instead?? I still got 3 5 stars, just not the ones I wanted lol


Im doing a review this time not bc I want the discount but bc Mike is a cutie
This is the second account I buy from this site and once again everything went perfectly
I got the account immediately after the purchase and it came with arlecchino and her weapon. No scam
Love u Mike❤️

Ordered and RECEIVED 🗣️🗣️

I ordered this account a few days ago, and safe to say the wishing went AMAZINGggngngng i got everything I wanted with a ton of wishes left over!

Great offer!! Must buy

I got everything!


Very very fast! + i got everything i asked for :3

Great account

Managed to build the deck I wanted to

I am too delighted to have had Arlecchino and in addition to his Clorinde. The quality of the site is undeniable. Thank you again!

I received my Account

As expected i can finally play genshin with already build up AR. 100% trustworthy 🦭❤️❤️

Amazing 👍

I got what I played for and it was very fun to play I am probably now going to spend a bunch of time on there. Happy 🙂

Great service!

Got my email in literal seconds and no problem logging in. Actually had more gems then the package I bought lol